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Soap bars in zero waste cleaning routine

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When you are trying to establish a zero waste home you start to quit your consumption habits in all the aspects of life. No need to say that almost all of us are stuck in them. We all know that this or that might be bad for our health and environment, but we need to make a DECISION to leave them for good. Here are some quick facts about the toxins in the house cleaning products, which might help you to stop using them.
Being environmentally concerned and having an asthmatic child make me think twice about what I use inside of my home to keep it clean and healthy. And of course, I do not want to cause any harm or waste.
My choice is a soap bar - Castile or made of Olive Oil ( and this is an option in Morocco). Not only it does not have aggressive and allergen agents, but also works in the best way you can probably imagine. So when you buy a soap bar, be sure you can use it for:
  • dishwashing;
  • laundry ( I try to wash my clothes with hands, but for the bed sheets I cut a piece of a bar and put it in the machine directly); 
  • washing the floor;
  • window cleaning;
  • dust and walls cleaning. 
About soap bars for your zero waste beauty routine and mouth care you can read here

No need to say you will save a lot of money, time and space!

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On consumption

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I never paid attention to any advertising until today. I took my time to listen and to think about what all these beautiful and healthy people are telling me. So during the next 3 minutes, I was assured I need:

  • conditioners - for red, black and white clothes ( all different brands);
  • some highly toxic liquid for the toilet promoted by a pretty lady with a bright smile and promising decollete;
  • shampoo ( at least 2 different types, but no one said it might contain SLS)
  • fast food delivery ( everyone is slim and fit in the video);
  • toothpaste. Makes your smile so bright that people around have to wear shades;
  • TVs, tablets, phones. 
Everything wrapped in plastic, bright and shiny. 

Yes, we are a society of consumers. Yes, we consume. But do we think about its impact on our planet and environment in general? According to WorldCentric and WorldWatch Institute we spend 15 billion dollars a year on perfumes while we need only 5 billion to educate all the population of Earth! it is not a problem for us ( now I am talking about Europe and States) to pay 17 billion dollars for pet food when 19 billion will eliminate hunger and malnutrition.  At the same time, one-third of the food is wasted annually, which is about 1,3 billion tonnes or  680billion$ in industrialized countries and 310billion$ in developing countries. To see more terrifying statistics you may check Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

So what can we start with to become a bit environmentally concerned: 

  1.  Get rid of your credit card, it will save you from an instant shopping;
  2.  Stop eating and drinking junk ( which is usually wrapped in plastic which average time to decompose is 450 years);
  3. Recycle;
  4. Buy second-hand clothes;
  5. Use natural shampoo;
  6. Use soap bars for mouth hygiene, as a face and body cleanser, for shaving, for washing dishes and clothes;
  7. Use soda and vinegar for house cleaning ( yes, and the toilet too);
  8. Stop impulsive shopping;
  9. Start budgeting;
  10. Purge your inner clutter;
  11. Revise your wardrobe - sell or donate everything you do not wear or like;
  12. Limit social networks;
  13. Educate yourself with documentaries about the food you eat: Earthlings; plastic and its impact: A Plastic Ocean; The True Cost - about fashion industry and clothes;
  14. Turn off the light when you are leaving the room. I might even turn off your computer after finishing reading this. 
Being responsible is an adult feature. And if we are old enough to have a computer and a credit card, we are old enough to take care of our planet. take the first step in your consumption free life and enjoy freedom!

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Emotional minimalism. How to deal with negative emotions.

Recently I had a very unpleasant situation with one bank, which made a mistake in my account so I did not get my monthly payment, plus when I was using their ATM machine with a card of the other bank, it took  money from my account but never gave it to me ( I am still waiting for the bank to send it to me back). I would like to add that it happened right at my daughter's birthday so I could not buy her a present. I had 25 EUROS left in my pocket. It was money for food. For 2 weeks.
No need to describe how angry I was. My always calm husband told me that that was exactly minimalism which I like so much. I replied that minimalism was a personal choice, no matter how much money you have or have not. And of course, if you are on a strict budget you will be a minimalist at least for some time.

Recently I was writing about inner clutter and how to purge it. But what if we have some negative experience right now, at the moment? How do we deal with negative emotions in terms of minimalism, which is not only about cleaning your closets but about getting rid of every unneeded thing?  And who needs negativity? So


Let it go! We are humans, not robots, and we have right to be angry for some time. What makes it wrong - to stick to your anger and to worry about the situation all over again. Sometimes it happens that you simply cannot do anything more - so do what you can, and live it to God! Let it go!

Find positive moments in your experience! For what instead of why! It is quite hard at the moment of anxiety to think about the advantages you can have after dealing with a bad experience. But believe it or not - there are always positive moments. Every situation is happening with us FOR SOME REASON and this reason is to make one's a  better person. So "why?"  has no sense, but "for what?" is reasonable. 

Run or work out! Anger is a very strong emotion, and to keep it locked inside is not good for your physical and mental health.  Adrenaline is pumping into your bloodstream, the heart is beating faster so blood is rushing to the muscles, which allows them to go harder. If you'll go running at this time, your lungs will open wider so the brain will have more oxygen. Make your body work instead of your mind being stuck with anger. 

Emotional minimalism is not about being cool and cold in every situation ( and for a person with a hot temper like me it's simply impossible), it is about being able and willing to be free from anxiety and negativity.  

Minimalism is freedom in all aspects of life!

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Eid Al-Adha in Casablanca. A non-Muslim experience.

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Time is running and only in a week my Moroccan Muslim Family and friends will celebrate one of the two biggest Islamic festivals- Eid Al-Adha! The first one is called Eid Al-Fitr, the day which marks the end of Ramadan - the fasting month; the second feast is Eid Al-Adha ( Eid Al-Kebir in Moroccan Arabic, which means "A Big Eid") - Feast of the Sacrifice.
So if you are like me, non-Muslims but would like to know a bit about this Islamic holiday, here are some facts:

1. Eid Al-Adha is celebrated worldwide by  1,8 billion Muslims on the tenth day of Dhū al-Ḥijjah - the twelveth and final month of the Islamic Lunar  Calendar.

2. The central figure of celebration is Prophet Abraham ( Ibrahim in Arabic), whose story we can find in the Bible's Old Testament or Torah. The prophet was about to sacrifice his son Ismail as he believed it was a divine order from God, but God sent a ram to be sacrificed instead. As a reward for loyalty, strong belief and being ready to fulfill His will, God gave Abraham another son Isaac. So the sheep sacrifice symbolizes the loyalty and obedience of the prophet.

3. Eid Al-Adha marks the end of Hajj - one of five Islamic "musts" ( if they can afford it) - pilgrimage to Mecca - a holy place for Muslims in Saudi Arabia.  The other four pillars that are  mandatory in Islam:
  • Shahada ( Creed);
  • Salat ( Prayer);
  • Zakat ( Charity);
  • Sawm ( Fasting). 

4. At the day of the Feast, which begins with a prayer a sheep or a goat ( and my neighbors even manage to purchase a cow for this reason!) must be slaughtered according to Islamic Halal standards ( of course, ONLY if a family can afford purchasing an animal). The meat has to be divided into three parts - one part for you and your family consumption, the second one - for your friends and neighbors, the third one is for poor people in need.

5. It is time for people to dress their best outfits, visit family and friends and to eat! The celebrations usually last for 3 or 4 days, which I  appreciate very much- another few days off!

Even though Casablanca and its population are growing with a speed of light, there are still some nonurbanized places where on a piece of land you can find sheep or goats walking around, eating grass. At this period of time, like a week before Eid, there are plenty of so-called "Sheep hotels" where people can leave purchased sheep and the "owner of the hotel" will take care of it - feeding, cleaning, and entertaining sheep is on him for as much as 5 EUROS a day! There is only one bad thing about it - the smell! Especially when you're passing by or "the hotel" is too close or even in your block building! Actually, in my case, it is right next to the block's door, so if sheep are staying there for 4-5 days the smell in the corridors is a bit specific.

The place where people can buy ans leave their sheep

And the last but not the least is the way people greet each other during the days of celebration - Eid Mubarak - A Blessed Holiday ( if you need a translation).

Enjoy your time whatever you are! Salaam Alaykum!

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Minimalist beauty tips: Aleppo soap.


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One of the best decisions of my life was to stop using market/pharmaceutical ( even very expensive) cosmetics and stick to nature and what it can give us!

The most practical thing in my minimalist zero waste beauty routine is Aleppo soap! Purchased from Turkey ( after all these horrible things in Syria company moved there, even though it was functioning perfectly since 1975), Organic and Halal certified this soap bar is made of olive oil and laurel oil, which is responsible for the antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-itching power of the soap. 
It can be used for babies washing, face and body cleaning, as a face mask, as shaving cream, self-hygiene product and shampoo ( I use Moroccan Ghassoul for my hair wash, because after soap usage it is very soft and I prefer it to be a bit harsh  so you can read about it here) and instead of the toilet paper (wash with it).

I purchased Aleppo soap in a bag. So when I do not use it, I keep it there.

Aleppo soap is essential in minimalist zero waste beauty routine, It solves a lot of body/face care problems plus can be used for teeth cleaning and mouth hygiene! Naturally, beautifully and easy! 

How do I brush teeth with Aleppo soap?

Apply it on the wet toothbrush and clean your teeth for a minute or two. Thanks to laurel oil it kills all the bacterias and a bad smell.  As I have some gums problem ( bleeding) I use clove oil after.

Not only have I saved a lot of money by stopping buying and consuming chemical products, saved the space in my bathroom, but I got a great satisfaction with my natural care products. 

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Creating a minimalist zero waste wardrobe

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All you need or will need for the next year is already there in your wardrobe. This rule works in 99,9 cases. But except items you really need and use, there might be tons of clutter, unused pretty things or unused ugly stuff which you have no idea how and why came into your life. Probably you are too sentimental to get rid of them immediately or you postpone this decision for years.
To organize my minimalist zero waste wardrobe I needed 1 hour! And a DECISION that I want and need changes in my life! Something you do not wear for more than 6 months - in a box; something too small or too big - in a box; something that reminds you of something or someone - take a picture of it a box! (Here I have an exception- I kept a costume of my daughter, she was baptized in. I have no exceptions for myself). It is up to you what to do with this box - either donate it or sell everything. Just do it as soon as possible! Great feeling! Freedom!
Zero waste lifestyle is simply and logically connected to minimalism. Because once you get rid of clutter in your closet and your head ( what is inner clutter you can read here) you won't want to be a regular consumer anymore. And this is what zero waste movement and minimalism are about - stop consuming, be satisfied with what you already have, and own only things you really need!
Minimalism is freedom! 
Zero waste is a beauty of life!
A dress is a present, a shirt is from SALE, a necklace SECOND HAND 
TopShop coat and Nike shoes all SECOND-HAND 

I banned shopping for a year ( about it read here) but before doing it I used to buy ONLY on SALE or SECOND-HAND items! First of all, I couldn't force myself to pay huge amounts for clothes which I liked, but which is just pieces of tailored fabric in my mind so I was waiting for sales and used to buy my desirable things 2, 3 and sometimes even 4 times cheaper; second-hand clothes are great, not only because they are much-much cheaper, but because it is a very logical choice for me - it is always a win-win cooperation, I help you to get rid of your clutter, you help me with my needs! After I use clothes and do not need them anymore - I donate or use them for house cleaning. 
Talking about lingerie - I buy it on sale.

Zara SECOND HAND ( absolutely new) shoes

When you understand and realize that consuming is a clutter itself, you will not return to it! Because after experiencing complete freedom of minimalism and pure beauty of a zero waste lifestyle, you will become a different person! Checked!
Minimalism is freedom!

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Minimalist wardrobe : why and how?

If you Google "Minimalist wardrobe" you'll see a lot of articles about how many items you have to have,how to mix them together and what are the essentials. It is always up to you either to follow the instructions or to try and build your minimalist wardrobe by yourself.  My motto is :"Minimalism is freedom!", which means I want to be free in my choice how much clothes I own but this number has to be limited by "not much". Because tons of clothes which were never worn, morning sufferings of I-have-nothing-to-wear, instant shopping are nothing else than clutter which minimalism is fighting against. So the idea of limited wardrobe is very simple - to make you free from "extras" and to help you to realize what is really important.
Let's check some practical advantages why you have to own a minimalist wardrobe.


More time to live your life ( you do not spend hours in front of the mirror, especially in the morning, laundry takes less time as well);

More money ( if you drop buying things at least for a year, you'll see a very good result on your account);

Your closet will be organized and uncluttered;

You will stop ( if you did not stop yet) instant shopping;

Easy to pack and travel;

Satisfaction! I really do not know how it works, but I am absolutely satisfied with my minimalist wardrobe. Recently I banned shopping for a year ( how and why you can read here)  and it feels great! 

My style is very simple - I like wearing knee-long dresses with black leggings and black shoes. Plus I am an allergic to the Sun so I always wear long sleeves. All the peaces work with each other easily and could be interchangeable.

Knowing your own preferences and figure you might start building a minimalist wardrobe any time. 



Declutter - get rid of items you haven't worn for the last year (or more);

Define your style and colors which suit you ( minimalist wardrobe is nor just black, white and grey); 

Combine, experiment, enjoy! 

Having a minimalist wardrobe does not make your look boring! Just like having 10000 pieces of clothes does not you stylish! It's about being satisfied with what you already have and be able to enjoy it!

Minimalism is freedom!

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Hooray! Liebster award nomination!

It was a great surprise and pleasure to be nominated for Liebster award by Jenn Hinkle the creator of ( please check her post here) and following the rules I'll answer Jenn's questions and present my beautiful nominees, so let's go!

I like writing and sharing my experience, probably I think I have something to say. Once I did something extraordinary - I left my family and a good job and moved to Morocco, where I am trying to live a minimalist life (with the influence of local culture), travel and love.

I like blogs about minimalism ( of course), zero waste lifestyle, travels and everything that inspires me ( depending on my mood these things might vary).

I like Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus from The Minimalists and Ariana from Paris To Go.

I would do it and think about the name for it for months...How about  "1000 and 1days of minimalism in Morocco.".

I love to write about zero waste beauty routine mixing it with Moroccan beauty tips!

It's time to present these amazing ladies:
1. Viveena Rodrigues and A beautiful lady from India who lives in Paris and shares her mind-boggling pictures and stories in the travel blog.

2. Lisa Utley and Have you ever been in Asia? With Lisa's informative posts and awesome pictures, you can visit Asia sitting in your chair and simply reading her blog! If you decide to go- you will definitely know what to do and where to go!

3.Navneet Sachdev and An interesting blog about travels, fashion, and lifestyle! Navneet's article:"Top 10 reasons to travel" might make you run pack your bags and go to the airport! Do not forget your passport and have a nice trip!

4. Asif Iqbal and his Very practical and informative blog about technology, money, and blogging. Check the article:" 20 Money Making Apps Thant Pay Your Money" or " Top 10 Niche Ideas That Generate Traffic and Money" where you can find some very good piece of advice for your own blog.

5. Amanda Preston and Amazingly beautiful and inspiring blog about adoption, parenting, home and even some practical blogging tips from Amanda -  mom and adoptive parent of 8 kids! Bravo, Amanda!

Congratulations, Ladies, and gentleman!  Please prepare yourself to answer my 5 questions and nominate 5 different bloggers! Please do not forget to include the link to this blog in your article. So here is what I am interested in:

1. What inspires you most of all?
2. One extraordinary thing you did in your life?
3. What do you do when you are angry?
4. If you could have anything you want what would you choose?
5. Continue the phrase: " If I were you, I..."

Thank you guys, have fun!
Love, peace and Salam Alaykum!

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A minimalist life : things to leave behind

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A great deal is if you managed to accept all the minimalist ideas and apply them in your life once and for good. It wasn't like this with me - step by step I was trying to get rid of "extras" including my inner clutter ( what is it you can read here here ), actually there is still so much to work to do so I keep doing it.

For me minimalism and budgeting just like zero waste life style are interrelated, so If you're practicing one, you will naturally stick to the other. So the next tips would be appropriate for any of those. If you want to reach a real freedom, which minimalism is , you absolutely need to leave behind:

BAD HABITS ( smoking, drinking, using drugs, shopping addiction, overeating or whatever else you have). Everyone knows that it's bad but keep doing it justifying oneself. I used to get rid of my stress or negative emotions buying dresses  which I never ever wore after. Firstly I limited myself on money - 25 EUROS was the maximum amount I could spend on one item, then I banned shopping for a whole year ( how and why you can read here)! I am absolutely happy with my decision! No addiction is another step to freedom!

CREDIT CARD. Evil itself. Spending bank's money is easy and fun, especially when you see all those happy faces from the bill boards, proposing you tiny percentage and a lot of extra services! Come, take, spend, enjoy the life! And keep consuming! 
So if it is hard for you to pay all the amount of money you owe the bank at once, try to reduce all the spending you have to be able to pay not a minimal monthly payment, but at least twice bigger. And never take the card with you anymore! Once you closed the account, cut the card and forget about it!

DISCUSSING PEOPLE or/and JUDGING THE OTHERS. Even if everyone does it, mind your business. Everything that other people do should not and actually does not concern us. Gossips, rumors, whisperers are dirt, which should be rubbed from our everyday life. Probably everyone knows that : " There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you - who are you to judge your neighbor ?" James 4:12. Nothing to add. 

TRYING TO BE ALWAYS RIGHT. Of course we can argue or explain our point of view, but try to force the others to accept your and only your rightness is just ridiculous. Respect the others is to respect yourself! And simple communication is something that is worth trying.

Are there any things you left behind which I did not mention? Please, be free to share them and simply be free! 

Because minimalism is freedom!

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Moroccan ghassoul (clay) in zero waste beauty routine

When I decided to get rid of chemical and all kinds of advertised but-never-worked-for-me face, hair and body care products, I started my experiments with natural cosmetics! They were limited a lot by my dry and super sensitive skin. So before applying something on my face or hair, I had to learn about possible and expected effects after the procedure. But anyhow I had a great variety of natural products to deal with only because I live in Morocco - a country of argan oil and ghassoul - the best things ever for your self-care if you are a natural cosmetics lover or a minimalist ( or both like me) or going a zero waste!
            So here I will talk about Moroccan Ghassoul (or Rhassoul) and its great benefits for skin and hair. It is also known by names Moroccan Clay of Moroccan Red Clay and is sourced from Atlas Mountains range, formed by volcanic activity and geothermal changes combination. An absolutely natural organic product which nourishes your skin and scalp. It is known by Nothern Africa's women for centuries, it's widely used for spa procedures in Moroccan and Turkish hammams ( traditional bath/sauna) and as an extra beneficial component of different mass-market beauty products ( creams, soap bars, and shampoos). By the way, these kinds of products are advertised and not cheap at all even though pure ghassoul costs literally nothing.


   Face cleaning. Just mix a tea spoon of clay with some water to get a smooth paste, apply it gently on your face while massaging it! Wash with water! Dead cells and dirt are gone! Enjoy the softness! 
   Face mask. Everything is the same, but leave ghassoul on your face to dry usually it takes 20 minutes ( it works wonders if instead of water you will use a rose water). Wash it gently with water. As I mentioned before, my skin is dry, so every contact with water makes it very tight, so I need some hydration - my rose water is always with me! 
  Body scrub. If you use a bigger portion of Ghassoul, mix it with more water and apply it on your body, gently massaging it, you'll get rid of dead cells and help your blood circulation! 
  Shampoo. And this is my favorite ghassoul usage! Because it is the most effective and natural way to clean my nasty hair ( oily roots, dry ends). I mix clay and water, making it not as thick as for face mask, or regular shampoo, 2 soup spoons of it with 50 ml of water work great! So when my hair is wet, I use this paste, massage my skin, leave it for 2 minutes and wash away! If you have time ( I do not have it) leave the paste on your hair to dry and wash after! 
  Hair mask. If you like me have no time to leave the paste on your hair to dry on the regular basis, try to do it once a week! Great benefits are guaranteed!

This is my shampoo


Appropriate for sensitive skin (and highly recommended );
Reduces dryness;
Improves skin firmness;
Cleans pores;
Nourishes skin;
Treats acne;
Detoxifies skin;
Soothes scalp problems - psoriasis, dandruff. 
So it is likely one product could be used for face, hair, and body - natural, waste free way to take care of yourself and environment. 


   In Moroccan souk (market). This is the best way if you're going zero waste! Because you are able to find the huge bags full of it (the pieces not the powder) and buy as much as you want! Which is great, no plastic, no garbage, just pure dirt!!! You can keep it a cotton bag or a glass jar after.

Plus, there are a lot of already packed 100g, 250g. bags or boxes. A lot of companies propose their products so it shouldn't be a problem to find and purchase it! But I would recommend to find a local Moroccan community in your city and buy from them - the chances to get a natural and valuable product are much higher! 
  Use natural cosmetics and be happy with your results! 
  Salam alaykum!

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Purge your inner clutter

   I believe that sooner or later each of us comes to the point of understanding that there is something to be changed in this life! We start searching and reading, we are trying this and that until we reach the concept of minimalism. The simplicity and beauty of the idea of life without clutter overcomes most of us. We start cleaning, throwing the garbage and giving the clothes we do not need anymore to the charity funds. Our home is neat but our mind is the same. Intoxicated with "extras".
   No need to say that there is an obvious connection between our environment and our mind, and when we start decluttering homes it organizes our mind in a very simple but effective way. But what if we will try to purge our mind first or at least do it while tidying up the house?

                                                     And by "purge" I mean these:

  • Negative thoughts - the cause of distraction and pessimism. Revising over and over negative experience or what even worse projecting it in the future can create a very miserable reality! Let's try to get rid of them! 
  • False unrealistic expectations - let's listen to the classic: "Expectation is the root of all heartache." - Shakespeare. One more thing which takes us far from the pure reality, because we might expect something from the person who is not ready to give us this or to fulfill our desires. It doesn't mean we should lock up in a shell and don't trust anyone, what I'm trying to say is that our expectations have to be realistic. After all, we can simply talk to a person and ask about what we need or want. No unrealistic expectations - to disappointment. 
  • Stereotypes. Yes, theses ancient monsters are alive and in a good health. I always wonder, how is it even possible that in the 21st century when people are flying to space and know practically everything about our planet and humanity this term even exist. But it does. The most modern and educated, the most democratic and open-minded are full of different stereotypes: about religion, age, gender, race, place, work, children etc. Are there still any stereotypes in your life? Get rid of them! 
  • Anger. The reason is not important, no matter what but it is only you who is responsible for yourself! It is unbelievably hard to control one's emotions, but it is possible. It might take many years of learning how to do it, but as long as we live we can learn. 
  • Fear. The happiness is impossible when there is a fear. The real purge is impossible when we are stuck with a fear. Challange yourself - do something that scares you, ask for a professional help, find your way of getting rid of it and do it!

  Minimalism means freedom! Freedom from external and inner clutter! Because when we purge our mind, decluttering of external space would be only a question of time! So be free at least!

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In My Morocco Natural beauty tips

Henna in Moroccan culture

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Henna in Moroccan culture has deep roots as this type of art is tightly connected to religious celebrations ( Eid, circumcision, wedding ) and might be used by local women and girls of all ages on a regular basis after hammam (traditional Moroccan bath/spa)as well. As for the tourists and foreigners, it's one of "must do" while you are here in Morocco!

So here is everything we need to know about henna:

                                   WHAT IS HENNA?

Henna is a paste, a type of "ink" made of dried leaves, water and egg whites. It is poured in syringe using which a local lady will decorate your skin. It lasts about 2 weeks and has a brown or bright orange colour. You will be asked to sit while Hennaya - it is the name for a professional Henna Artist is working on you and to rest another 30 minutes after she finishes, in order the paste to dry on your hands. Depending on an insensitivity of a colour you want to reach it might be a bit more ( actually the more the better). After the paste is totally dry all you need to do is to scrub it without using water or any product that contains oil ( because they will affect the colour of your tattoo). 

                   WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF HENNA? 

Red henna - the one we're talking about. It is used for a temporary tattoo, it is safe and absolutely natural, the real and original form of henna made of the plant Lawsonia inermis . It has well known in Morocco health benefits for skin: it helps in wounds healing and has a great antibacterial effect! 
By the way, do not forget that even the pure natural products can cause an allergy so it's always better to check it before making a tattoo. HOW? Just apply a little paste on your palm and wait 24 hours. Nothing happens? Run and make your henna tattoo!

Black henna - as chemicals are added to the natural henna powder to intensify the colour and make it black,  which makes use of this type of henna very risky in terms of allergic reactions! It is not used for tattoos in Morocco on a regular basis and in the popular touristic places, even though you can buy the black henna powder on the market easily!


Every Medina of each Moroccan city has places where you can see the advertising of henna craft shops or you can even see the ladies with a syringe who are proposing their services. Once you as a tourist is noticed by them, you will be asked if you are willed to have a henna tattoo!  


Hamsa or the Hand of Fatima is a talisman widely popular in the Middle East and  Islamic countries just like among Jewish community (it is called the Hamsa Nand or the Hand of Miriam) which is believed has the power to protect people from an evil eye and harm, bringing them luck and goodness instead. While you can find khamsa on the doors and clothes, the symbol is used a lot by henna artists as well!  And it is very beautiful! 

                     WHAT IS A BRIDAL HENNA PARTY?

 So we came to the most important and interesting part of this article - the Moroccan Wedding Henna Party! First of all, Moroccan Wedding is a religious celebration ( as according to Quran, Marriage is a sacred union) with a lot of customs and traditions. One of them takes place a day before a Marriage Ceremony and is called a  Bridal Henna Party - when after Hammam, where the bride comes with her girlfriends and a family, she wears a traditional dress and Hennaya decorates her hands and feet with beautiful designs, which symbolize joy and beauty! The bride's family and friends who are participating in the party might have henna tattoos as well. It is must be mentioned that only close friends or relatives are attending this beautiful ceremony! 
And the next day is a Wedding Day, which is full of interesting traditions and customs as well!

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Casablanca to go. 5 places to visit in 1 day

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You probably already know that Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco and one of the biggest in  Maghreb region and all Africa. It is bordering the Atlantic Ocean and has a huge port and the population about  6 million people according to the official census (2016) but unofficially the population is almost twice bigger - about 10 million people. Quite impressive, right? That is why Casablanca is one of  "must to visit" places when you are travelling or living in Morocco.
   Before moving here, I visited the city once. And only for one day! So I propose you guys to check these 5 places if you're coming to Casa ( this is a local informal name for Casablanca)  only for 1 day or if you're limited in time. They are located not far from each other, easy to reach by private or public transport and they are well-known. Let's go.

   Located just 3 minutes away from Gare Casa Port train station and 1 minute away from Station Place des Nations Unies ( tram station) Medina of Casablanca will be the first to reach on my list. 
Unfortunately, it is not as beautiful as medinas of other Moroccan touristic cities. There are not so many things interesting in terms of architecture or style, even though you can walk around and check them but what makes it worth visiting is a great opportunity to buy natural organic cosmetics and leather goods much cheaper than in other places ( do not forget to bargain as well). Nice little shops with silver and gold jewelry, tiny kiosks with all kinds of argan oil products and pure argan oil itself (what can we use it for you can read "here", beldi soap and famous kesa glove for hammam, henna,  ghassoul and everything you need for your healthy and natural beauty routine.

If you are ready to walk on foot to our next destination throughout Medina, do not hesitate to ask the locals for guidance as the streets together form an intricate labyrinth which might soak you for hours of walking without reaching the target. If you are all right with a path it takes you about 30mins to reach The great mosque Hassan 2. Or you can simply catch a taxi which will depart you to the place in 5 minutes and 15 MAD ( 1,5 EUROS).

   So here you are - next to the biggest mosque in Morocco and the 13th largest in the world. Its minaret is the highest in the world as well!  Located at the Atlantic ocean coast and named after Moroccan King Hassan 2, the mosque is an enormous gigantic building with a huge square next to it and mesmerizing views! The walls, the windows, the doors are nothing less than a piece of art. Made in the best traditions of the Islamic architecture with Moroccan traditional elements this mosque became a visit card of Casablanca and Morocco in general. So take your time and have a tour around it, on the ground floor there is a possibility to have a professional guide who would share the story of how, why and when the mosque was made. Even though it is the only one mosque in Morocco which allows  Non-Muslims to go inside during no praying time, Please, be aware that Non-Muslims and women cannot enter some particular parts of the mosque ( the rugs for praying).

Some pictures I made 

And one more with me))

   Right in front of it, there is a nice park with a traditional Moroccan architecture which makes a good place for taking pictures as well. Here is mine :

   And again you have a choice - go on foot straight ahead about 25 minutes and enjoy the ocean view or take a taxi, pay 15MAD ( 1,5 EUROS) and in less than 5 minutes you are here.  

   It is time for lunch or coffee break. In Anfa Place Shopping Centre you can have one: there are plenties of fast food restaurants on the third floor of the centre and more expensive places closer to the beach.  If you like shopping you can check H&M, Marks &Spencer or Virgin stores. But I added this place because it has an absolutely gorgeous beach - it is public but secured, clean and neat. One of my favourite places in Casablanca - you can swim or just rest on the warm sand watching the ocean and listening to the waves. It is fantastic. Plus a great opportunity to take some pictures again, hhh. 

   Still not tired? Then take a look at the other side of the shopping centre, the one which is opposite to the beach there is a Saudi Arabian Mosque of an unspeakable beauty with a nice little square to rest in. After that, all you need is 1,5 EUROS or 15 MAD to get to Sindibad Park ( there is still an option to walk about 30-35 mins on foot ).

   It is time for fun. You can check their official site to know the prices and promotions. Here it is www.  A very nice place with a lot of attractions and a beautiful pretty park and a zoo.  What makes it special - you have an opportunity to see white tigers, lions, giraffes and many other species. An absolute must!

   And our last destination for 1 day is 

   Another shopping mall with a lot of places to eat, drink and buy. And in the centre of it is our target - aquarium where paying just a little money you can go inside. A kind of a glass room will allow you to step inside of the fish world and to enjoy their pure beauty. A great chance to rest and relax. 

   Be fond of your day in Casablanca and welcome! Marhaban!
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