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My Moroccan beauty routine

   As an owner of a super sensitive and dry skin, I used to be a classic consumer and an advertising victim. Plus since being 20 years old I became obsessed with an idea of fighting mine under eye wrinkles! I could not control myself, I was seeing them every time I looked in a mirror, I saw these fine lines and those crow's feet - a nightmare of every woman! Creams, serums, lotions, masks...everything you can find on the shelves of the beauty stores I tried. And guess what? I still have them ( probably because I am already 31). After some researches and consultations with generics and cosmetologists, I was assured - there is no way to get rid of wrinkles totally unless you'll have a surgery! We can take care of our skin and slow down the aging process, look much younger and have a shiny skin. But it is a complex process which includes sport, healthy diet, psychological comfort etc. We should not trick ourselves thinking that one cream will make us young and beautiful! There are no advertised wonders in cosmetology - there is an everyday work ( even though this work is pretty much interesting for me as I do it for myself)  in the taking care of your face and body. CONCLUSION: I spent these many years and this much money fighting my genetics and psychological complexes.

    As a natural cosmetics lover, firstly I started using aloe juice, then natural masks and then...I moved to Morocco with its argan oil! Probably it was the best decision I made because I stopped fighting my wrinkles and started a battle with my complexes- the main source of my cosmetic consuming problems( only face care cosmetics by the way). So instead of using zillions of things like I used to do ( my husband was laughing at me every time he saw my huge pink "beauty case"), I keep only 3 Essentials- Nigella soap (absolutely natural on the olive oil basis with coconut oil, which gently scrubs my skin), I use it every evening before 11 PM, a moisturizer BIO Rose water ( I still have some Avene thermal water left, that I have to finish and stick to my Rose water) which is the best if you are looking for something with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant which means anti-aging ( hooray!!!) effects. By the way, I can use it during a day when I want to refresh my skin a bit, especially I like to put it in the fridge and apply it while it's cold.
And last but not the least  BIO argan oil - the queen of all cosmetics. I used it in the mornings for the first couple of months (like I mentioned my skin is very dry, and I always had to have day and night creams)but now I apply it gently only in the evenings, including my under eye zone! I do not feel that my skin needs it in the morning because I do not feel any dryness anymore! No more eye cream, day cream and night cream! And NO MORE CHEMICAL PRODUCTS!

 I am absolutely happy with my argan and here are some details why:

Argan oil is a perfect moisturizer! Yes, it is. With the whole varieties of vitamins, it has, it nourishes your skin in the best way plus it dries very fast so no sticky oily spots on your pillows!

Argan oil is fighting wrinkles ( eye wrinkles as well)! I do not want to be a fairy taller and assure everyone that I do not have them anymore! Yes, I have, because I am alive and very emotional, so my mimic muscles work all the time,! and I am aging of course!  But I am absolutely satisfied with the results I see now and the way my skin feels after the argan oil usage!

Argan oil will make your hair shiny and healthy! And no more dry ends! If you will not become Rapunzel immediately, you have to use it for about two weeks to see the results! I apply it on my ends - no more dryness,  hooray!

Argan oil fights stretch marks! Are you pregnant? It is time for using argan oil on the places you are not satisfied with! Natural, cheap, safe!

Argan oil is great for nails! Apply it on your cuticula, gently massage and voila!

   What else do I need if I am absolutely satisfied with my pretty little bottle! I hope my experience will be useful for you and you'll find your oil or any other natural product which will make your skin happy!
 Be healthy and beautiful! And let me know if you're coming to Morocco, we will find you the purest argan oil together!
 Salam Alaykum!

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Halima said...

I love love love natural cosmetics like you. I went through a similar process of believing everything that was advertised, so i understand your plight. I have to say becoming natural is the best choice I have made for my sanity and health. Thanks for sharing. btw, i wrote about my journey with cosmetics and the revelation at the end of the journey. Would love for you to check it out. Thanks.

Laura said...

Thanks, I will definitely check it!