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Emotional minimalism. How to deal with negative emotions.

Recently I had a very unpleasant situation with one bank, which made a mistake in my account so I did not get my monthly payment, plus when I was using their ATM machine with a card of the other bank, it took  money from my account but never gave it to me ( I am still waiting for the bank to send it to me back). I would like to add that it happened right at my daughter's birthday so I could not buy her a present. I had 25 EUROS left in my pocket. It was money for food. For 2 weeks.
No need to describe how angry I was. My always calm husband told me that that was exactly minimalism which I like so much. I replied that minimalism was a personal choice, no matter how much money you have or have not. And of course, if you are on a strict budget you will be a minimalist at least for some time.

Recently I was writing about inner clutter and how to purge it. But what if we have some negative experience right now, at the moment? How do we deal with negative emotions in terms of minimalism, which is not only about cleaning your closets but about getting rid of every unneeded thing?  And who needs negativity? So


Let it go! We are humans, not robots, and we have right to be angry for some time. What makes it wrong - to stick to your anger and to worry about the situation all over again. Sometimes it happens that you simply cannot do anything more - so do what you can, and live it to God! Let it go!

Find positive moments in your experience! For what instead of why! It is quite hard at the moment of anxiety to think about the advantages you can have after dealing with a bad experience. But believe it or not - there are always positive moments. Every situation is happening with us FOR SOME REASON and this reason is to make one's a  better person. So "why?"  has no sense, but "for what?" is reasonable. 

Run or work out! Anger is a very strong emotion, and to keep it locked inside is not good for your physical and mental health.  Adrenaline is pumping into your bloodstream, the heart is beating faster so blood is rushing to the muscles, which allows them to go harder. If you'll go running at this time, your lungs will open wider so the brain will have more oxygen. Make your body work instead of your mind being stuck with anger. 

Emotional minimalism is not about being cool and cold in every situation ( and for a person with a hot temper like me it's simply impossible), it is about being able and willing to be free from anxiety and negativity.  

Minimalism is freedom in all aspects of life!

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Unknown said...

This is such a great post! So relatable! Letting go of the negativity is something I always practice. It's not good to let things keep you upset!

Unknown said...

Just what I need! And this is so much nicer than saying that I have baggage that I carry with me.

Laura said...

So true! Fixing is always much harder than just whining...

Unknown said...

Great tips. Helpful much for me.