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I never paid attention to any advertising until today. I took my time to listen and to think about what all these beautiful and healthy people are telling me. So during the next 3 minutes, I was assured I need:

  • conditioners - for red, black and white clothes ( all different brands);
  • some highly toxic liquid for the toilet promoted by a pretty lady with a bright smile and promising decollete;
  • shampoo ( at least 2 different types, but no one said it might contain SLS)
  • fast food delivery ( everyone is slim and fit in the video);
  • toothpaste. Makes your smile so bright that people around have to wear shades;
  • TVs, tablets, phones. 
Everything wrapped in plastic, bright and shiny. 

Yes, we are a society of consumers. Yes, we consume. But do we think about its impact on our planet and environment in general? According to WorldCentric and WorldWatch Institute we spend 15 billion dollars a year on perfumes while we need only 5 billion to educate all the population of Earth! it is not a problem for us ( now I am talking about Europe and States) to pay 17 billion dollars for pet food when 19 billion will eliminate hunger and malnutrition.  At the same time, one-third of the food is wasted annually, which is about 1,3 billion tonnes or  680billion$ in industrialized countries and 310billion$ in developing countries. To see more terrifying statistics you may check Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

So what can we start with to become a bit environmentally concerned: 

  1.  Get rid of your credit card, it will save you from an instant shopping;
  2.  Stop eating and drinking junk ( which is usually wrapped in plastic which average time to decompose is 450 years);
  3. Recycle;
  4. Buy second-hand clothes;
  5. Use natural shampoo;
  6. Use soap bars for mouth hygiene, as a face and body cleanser, for shaving, for washing dishes and clothes;
  7. Use soda and vinegar for house cleaning ( yes, and the toilet too);
  8. Stop impulsive shopping;
  9. Start budgeting;
  10. Purge your inner clutter;
  11. Revise your wardrobe - sell or donate everything you do not wear or like;
  12. Limit social networks;
  13. Educate yourself with documentaries about the food you eat: Earthlings; plastic and its impact: A Plastic Ocean; The True Cost - about fashion industry and clothes;
  14. Turn off the light when you are leaving the room. I might even turn off your computer after finishing reading this. 
Being responsible is an adult feature. And if we are old enough to have a computer and a credit card, we are old enough to take care of our planet. take the first step in your consumption free life and enjoy freedom!

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Binge on Basics said...

Good to see something thinking about the planet too ��

Unknown said...

You are very, very on target. We are over-consuming because everything we see & hear says buy, buy & buy some more. We stopped buying years ago and it's so much easier with fewer choices ... and more time.