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Soap bars in zero waste cleaning routine

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When you are trying to establish a zero waste home you start to quit your consumption habits in all the aspects of life. No need to say that almost all of us are stuck in them. We all know that this or that might be bad for our health and environment, but we need to make a DECISION to leave them for good. Here are some quick facts about the toxins in the house cleaning products, which might help you to stop using them.
Being environmentally concerned and having an asthmatic child make me think twice about what I use inside of my home to keep it clean and healthy. And of course, I do not want to cause any harm or waste.
My choice is a soap bar - Castile or made of Olive Oil ( and this is an option in Morocco). Not only it does not have aggressive and allergen agents, but also works in the best way you can probably imagine. So when you buy a soap bar, be sure you can use it for:
  • dishwashing;
  • laundry ( I try to wash my clothes with hands, but for the bed sheets I cut a piece of a bar and put it in the machine directly); 
  • washing the floor;
  • window cleaning;
  • dust and walls cleaning. 
About soap bars for your zero waste beauty routine and mouth care you can read here

No need to say you will save a lot of money, time and space!

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