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Carless. Why do I refuse to own a car.

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It happens to me that people think I am a lunatic when I say I do not have a car. In the city where the tram is still developing ( 2 lines are functioning permanently) and the public buses are a really bad and dangerous option due to people who use them and their behavior inside it might be weird not to own and do not want to own a car. Here I have to add that it is super easy to get one - as Credit Gratuit (free loan) advertising boards are everywhere and car companies do everything to make you believe you really need a vehicle. So my reasons not to buy it are not about money (even though I do not want to spend it on maintenance, insurance, and fuel all the time ).

Every day I go to work and back by taxi. It takes me 10 minutes if there are no traffic jams, it takes me an unlimited time when they are. The klaxons, the curses, spoiled mood...Welcome to the city center!

The more environmentally concerned I become, the less I buy, the less so-called necessary items I want to own and consume. And having an asthmatic child helps me to make smarter choices and be carless is one of them. We all know that car pollutants cause long-term negative effects on human health and the environment and they are absolutely harmful. Carbon dioxide is the one which causes allergies and staying deeply in the lungs provokes all kinds of pneumonic problems including asthma; it is the major greenhouse gas which makes it the primary cause of global warming, which as we know prompts extreme weather changes.

Of course, it is super cool and utopian wonderful if the government takes care of the carbon dioxide level reduction by providing and promoting green energy sources, but I strongly believe that each of us can make a difference by taking care of the environment. These things are easy to do by:

  • using public transportation;
  • eating less( or quit if possible ) red meat - livestock produces a large amount of methane which triggers global warming;
  • quitting dairy;
  • buy and eat local foods;
  • buy secondhand clothes and stuff;
  • using energy efficient appliances;
  • recycle, reuse, rethink before purchasing anything;
  • compost;
  • educate yourself with what is going on with our planet and how can you help.
Anyone can do something for our environment according to his/her interest and help the planet that hosts us to keep existing! 

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