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A minimalist life : things to leave behind

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A great deal is if you managed to accept all the minimalist ideas and apply them in your life once and for good. It wasn't like this with me - step by step I was trying to get rid of "extras" including my inner clutter ( what is it you can read here here ), actually there is still so much to work to do so I keep doing it.

For me minimalism and budgeting just like zero waste life style are interrelated, so If you're practicing one, you will naturally stick to the other. So the next tips would be appropriate for any of those. If you want to reach a real freedom, which minimalism is , you absolutely need to leave behind:

BAD HABITS ( smoking, drinking, using drugs, shopping addiction, overeating or whatever else you have). Everyone knows that it's bad but keep doing it justifying oneself. I used to get rid of my stress or negative emotions buying dresses  which I never ever wore after. Firstly I limited myself on money - 25 EUROS was the maximum amount I could spend on one item, then I banned shopping for a whole year ( how and why you can read here)! I am absolutely happy with my decision! No addiction is another step to freedom!

CREDIT CARD. Evil itself. Spending bank's money is easy and fun, especially when you see all those happy faces from the bill boards, proposing you tiny percentage and a lot of extra services! Come, take, spend, enjoy the life! And keep consuming! 
So if it is hard for you to pay all the amount of money you owe the bank at once, try to reduce all the spending you have to be able to pay not a minimal monthly payment, but at least twice bigger. And never take the card with you anymore! Once you closed the account, cut the card and forget about it!

DISCUSSING PEOPLE or/and JUDGING THE OTHERS. Even if everyone does it, mind your business. Everything that other people do should not and actually does not concern us. Gossips, rumors, whisperers are dirt, which should be rubbed from our everyday life. Probably everyone knows that : " There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you - who are you to judge your neighbor ?" James 4:12. Nothing to add. 

TRYING TO BE ALWAYS RIGHT. Of course we can argue or explain our point of view, but try to force the others to accept your and only your rightness is just ridiculous. Respect the others is to respect yourself! And simple communication is something that is worth trying.

Are there any things you left behind which I did not mention? Please, be free to share them and simply be free! 

Because minimalism is freedom!

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Unknown said...

Speaking less and listening more is always useful. Spending less and removing clutter is also a good way to calm the mind.

Deryn said...

I love these tips. So simple but so effective. I find a minimalism mindset helps me so much in so many areas of my life and like you said, it really gives you freedom!

Living for the Sunshine said...

Great tips! Minimalism is something I aspire to.

Unknown said...

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