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 Even the most anxious minimalist needs something from time to time, so shopping is unavoidable. And it is another opportunity to reflect on  how and if this act can affect the environment. I've been thinking a lot about the modern fashion industry and sustainable clothing so thrift stores look like a great option ( if not the only one) if you're trying to be a bit more caring about our Earth.
Thrift shopping is a great choice if you need clothes or electronics- the chances they will end up in landfills in Africa are getting lower, you've got a good quality for a funny price; technique and furniture can be purchased for the same reason and what makes these items worth buying is the fact that they are in the thrift store, which means the quality of them is typically higher. Plus some thrift shops are helping the local community!

Being a minimalist for me means to be a sustainable person, who has real values, therefore, can make smart choices. Thus zero waste movement and veganism are the logical parts of my life and thrift shopping. Second-hand items do not harm animals, could be used by different people for different needs.
Please, let me know what do you think about shopping in terms of Earth care in the comments below.

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