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The Real Values

In a society where consumption became a cult and sustainability is just another smart word from the dictionary, we might be a bit lost with the core values of our lives. I mean, if we were asked what makes us happy, what gives us joy, what cures and nourishes us, what are we really grateful for...what would we answer and how much time would it take for us to do so?
I refused to believe that things and stuff would make me happy so I turned to minimalism - a lifestyle which I call "freedom" because it helped me to realize how much unnecessary belongings I possessed, how much time and money I spent purchasing them, even though some of them were never used. Freedom of stuff and of a desire to owe them!
The hardest was to declutter my mind - full of stupid patterns, which I acquired from my childhood: watching TV and series, where everyone looks great with a bottle of soda and a cigarette! Fear of changes, fear of responsibility...
I started to ask myself different questions, like:

  •   How will my choices affect the others?   
  •   How responsible are my choices?
  •   What affects my decisions?
  •   Is there any other way?
  •   Is it really what I want and need?
  •   Are my choices connected to my values?  
I started to revise my values and sustainability became one of the core values. Physical and psychological need to stop consuming made me interested in minimalism and zero waste lifestyle and their advantages. The beauty of simple things opened my eyes to the fashion industrycarbon dioxide effects and how can everyone make a difference refusing to use a private car and turning to a public transport, how soap bar can replace all the chemical cleaning products in a house etc, how you can be much happier with fewer things and how mindful choices change your life.

And what are your minimalist values? Please, share with me your comments below.

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Erika said...

Those are good questions to ask yourself. I would like to add, "What good does it do for someone else?"

Unknown said...

It does makes you pause n think how are you contributing to the world. Nice post :)

Fettuccine said...

Nice post! Very thought provoking.:)