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Minimalism for beginners. 5 baby steps.

Hooray! Step by step I apply minimalism lifestyle to the all areas of my life - home, work, mind (this part is the hardest to work on).
During summer vacation, I organized my wardrobe and drawers and as I am a teacher it was really hard (all kinds of books and copies of exercises I used to work with, I want to work with, I might want to work with...) - everything will go to the school's drawer or in the trash bin (it's optional)! So much free space now, which I will not use at all - I want to breath freely!
I started using zero waste shampoo and Aleppo soap for a mouth hygiene. I stick to my natural cosmetics so amount of money I spend on these things is absolutely tiny, all of them last for a very long time plus my bathroom shelf is free! 
I started budgeting some time ago with a complete shopping ban and it feels great so far!
I was trying to compost (as zero waste is my goal) but I really failed the task - there are no public compost bins in Casablanca and my tiny balcony is not available for this purpose, anyhow my family is trying to reduce producing any trash.
So here are my 5 baby steps if you are interested in minimalism lifestyle and want to enjoy a free life:

1. Make a DECISION to change your lifestyle, behavior, mind;

2. Declutter your house;

3. Declutter your mind, here are some practical  pieces of advice, work on your negative emotions;

4. Start budgeting. This step is an absolute must and after 3 previously mentioned steps it applies to your new life style organically and easily. I like the way Dave Ramsey talks about money and budgeting and his system.

5. Go natural! Eat healthy food and use natural cosmetics (it is NOT EXPENSIVE). Shop locally, do it yourself or find an affordable alternative. Stores like Amazon propose a lot of natural cosmetic products so it shouldn't be a problem.

Using these tips you can change your life in a better way - they are easy to follow, interesting, useful.
Enjoy your way to freedom.

Minimalism is freedom!

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Unknown said...

This is a great article. I’m very interested in the minimalism lifestyle. This provided me with a great start.

Amy said...

Minimalism has always intimidated me. I've often wondered that if I did choose that lifestyle how I would get there from where I am now. Your post simplifies it and makes me feel like it's possible. Thanks so much for sharing!

Unknown said...

love this! def striving for minimalism lately in my life xo