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 It is not a secret that our choices affect others. And if we want this effect to be positive, our choices and decisions cannot be spontaneous, especially if we care about sustainability and our impact on the planet Earth. And to reduce this negative impact and depending on our values we might go zero waste or follow the minimalist lifestyle, both of them are about smart consumption and sustainability.
So how can we be sure our choices and decisions are mindful? I follow the list below:

  1. Educate yourself! In this era of the internet and globalization, we have no right to stay blind or refuse to admit the problems our society/planet has. Here are some documentaries about the Fashion industryPlastic and its impact on our planet, animals and the way we treat them.
  2. GO vegan! Or at least try to consume less red meat and dairies, not only you will improve your health, but help to reduce the carbon dioxide effect on global warming. Do not mention ethical reasons which were the most important for me to start eating just plant-based foods. 
  3. Buy sustainable clothing! The whole research about the fashion industry with facts and tips you can find here.
  4. Go natural! Use natural products for your beauty routinehair washmouth hygiene, and home cleaning.
  5. Spend your time with your family! Be an example for your children, explain why it is important to care. 
What are the choices you are proud of? Please, leave the comments below!

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Amrutraj said...

Nice one

Unknown said...

Family involvement is important. My three year old loves to watch environmental documentaries with me and she reminds Daddy to make environmentally friendly choices.

Erika said...

Nice! You kept it short and sweet and made your advice doable. Good job

Sunvilla said...
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bhagyashree said...

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