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How to buy sustainable clothing on a budget

 Even before "True Cost" - a documentary about the modern fashion industry and modern slavery, I was trying to buy smart and sustainably- second-hand clothes and shoes, but after my researchers about consumption and turning to the minimalist lifestyle I had no choice but to quit buying stuff at all. At least for some period of time.

The facts about clothes industry are horrible:
  •  it is the second largest polluter after oil;
  • it takes more than 5000 gallons of water to manufacture just a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans;
  • there are 253 tons of textiles sent to landfill in Hong Kong daily according to Redress;
  • costumers throw away clothes and shoes approximately 70 pounds per person annually;
  • up to 95%  landfilled could be recycled.
If you are interested in more data, check it here and here.

Many fashion companies started promoting themselves as environmentally friendly, as they use recycled clothes for their new collections and these clothes could be recycled as well. Of course, there are plenty of benefits of recycling shoes and clothes, these are some of them:
  1. Recycling reduces waste in landfills;
  2. It reduces carbon footprints.
  3. Creates economic development around the world;
  4. Increases environmental awareness;
  5.  Converts waste products into new valuable and demanded products.
Sounds pretty optimistic, but there is still much work to be done and everyone can participate because we all have an impact.  

So these are some hacks about HOW TO BUY SUSTAINABLE CLOTHING on a budget:
  • Buy second hand! There are used clothes shops where you can find great deals with a little money, I had many purchases of absolutely new items from the last collections;
  • Use Facebook groups or local forum community groups to borrow, rent or buy used items;
  • Visit garage sales;
  • Check freecycle - a worldwide community of buyers and traders, where you can post your unwanted clothes and see if anyone around you wants them;
  • If you are buying a new item, purchase it only on sale and look for eco-friendly fabrics.
Let's be a bit more conscious about our environment and make smart choices.  

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Budgeting Belle 80 said...

I am glad there are other ways to contribute to the environment that everyone can do.

Unknown said...

Great post . I too am an advocate of sustainable fashion and my blog is all about thrifting and recycling.

Unknown said...

I Love this post so helpful

Unknown said...

I love that your blog is about giving back to the environment. I donate clothes throughout the year to ensure that it's being used by someone who needs it. I prefer churches & giving directly to people to cut down on places marking up the price for profit.

Simplyeverythingbeauty said...

Wow, I never thought about how much garbage we make by throwing out clothes.

Dominika Goodness said...

Wow! I never knew that clothes are the second largest polluter after oil. Knowledge is power. Please keep the good work. I'm all for a minimalist lifestyle.