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Minimalist wardrobe : why and how?

If you Google "Minimalist wardrobe" you'll see a lot of articles about how many items you have to have,how to mix them together and what are the essentials. It is always up to you either to follow the instructions or to try and build your minimalist wardrobe by yourself.  My motto is :"Minimalism is freedom!", which means I want to be free in my choice how much clothes I own but this number has to be limited by "not much". Because tons of clothes which were never worn, morning sufferings of I-have-nothing-to-wear, instant shopping are nothing else than clutter which minimalism is fighting against. So the idea of limited wardrobe is very simple - to make you free from "extras" and to help you to realize what is really important.
Let's check some practical advantages why you have to own a minimalist wardrobe.


More time to live your life ( you do not spend hours in front of the mirror, especially in the morning, laundry takes less time as well);

More money ( if you drop buying things at least for a year, you'll see a very good result on your account);

Your closet will be organized and uncluttered;

You will stop ( if you did not stop yet) instant shopping;

Easy to pack and travel;

Satisfaction! I really do not know how it works, but I am absolutely satisfied with my minimalist wardrobe. Recently I banned shopping for a year ( how and why you can read here)  and it feels great! 

My style is very simple - I like wearing knee-long dresses with black leggings and black shoes. Plus I am an allergic to the Sun so I always wear long sleeves. All the peaces work with each other easily and could be interchangeable.

Knowing your own preferences and figure you might start building a minimalist wardrobe any time. 



Declutter - get rid of items you haven't worn for the last year (or more);

Define your style and colors which suit you ( minimalist wardrobe is nor just black, white and grey); 

Combine, experiment, enjoy! 

Having a minimalist wardrobe does not make your look boring! Just like having 10000 pieces of clothes does not you stylish! It's about being satisfied with what you already have and be able to enjoy it!

Minimalism is freedom!

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Amber-Rose said...

Really great post! I love minimalism too and I completely understand how satisfiying it is. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post! :) I'm going to unclutter my closet again. Any idea, how often I should do it? :D Anyways, my clothes are mostly in black, white, grey and dark blue. Those are also the colours that match me the best. :)

ThoughtsInTheBreeze said...

I wish I could embrace the minimalist lifestyle, in my mind I am a minimalist-the reality is I am a bit of a hoarder:( Great post I hope it helps others simplify their lives!

Laura said...

Dear @dollshavehearts, I used to revise it once a month probably, because there was always smth I thought I would wear but I never did! So I got rid of it! Plus I stopped buying at all and probably won't do it for the next 2 years! My mind and wardrobe are organized and neat, what else could I ask!

Like, Wutever said...

I agree. Having a ton of clothes doesn't make you stylish. Clothes doesn't equate to style. I myself mostly wear black. It's my "can't go wrong" colour. Great post. Thanks for sharing your point of view.


Laura said...

Thank you, @Alethea!

Unknown said...

Lovely post! I love the idea of living the minimalistic lifestyle and someday I hope to try it.

Angela said...

This is great! I definitely need to get rid of some stuff that I've had for years. Thanks for the motivation!

Unknown said...

I never thought of it like this but after reading your post, it seems like building a minimalist wardrobe is a great way to hone your personal style. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Love the post! I've always wanted to live a minimalist lifestyle but I don't know where to start. I buy clothes once a year, so I just need to declutter everything else.

Laura said...

Thanks a lot! I feel great about stop buying at all!

Unknown said...

This is great! I wouldn't call myself a minimalist just yet, but I've had a massive overhaul of my wardrobe in the past year and stopped being so impulsive while shopping. It definitely saves money and the extra space is just what I needed. Thanks for sharing :) X

Kelly said...

I love the idea behind a minimalist wardrobe. I also think if thats the route you're taking its nice to spend a little more on quality items that can stand the test of time!

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blasties said...

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