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5 reasons to become A MINIMALIST

Society assures us that we can find success and happiness buying stuff. Constant consuming will make us feel self-worth and confident about ourselves.  Because women like only good-smelled guys, dandruff free with a fresh breath and men prefer shiny haired ladies with natural, almost invisible makeup and polished nails.
We absorbing these monumental truths with mother's milk and for us not to forget any of them for any reason, we can see the reminders on the TV, in the magazines or social media all the time.
Is there any option?
Yes, there is!
Minimalism does not mean you have to deny your needs or wishes. It simply organizes them in a true, meaningful order. Sounds a bit pathetic but it is so.
 I'll give you the reasons WHY it is worth trying:

You will save money!

 If you refuse to buy stuff you will be able to keep a good amount of money. Have a goal to spend it on: a mortgage paying or your kid's education, a new car etc.

 You will be debt free!

  No buying fever - no credit card ( by the way it would be a great opportunity to get rid of it just like I did it). No unplanned purchases - no regrets after.

You will become more organized!

Organizing your space and budget miraculously organizes your mind!

You will become healthier!

Simply, easy, naturally! By stopping consuming unnecessary things you'll obviously stop eating junk food! 

You will become free!

Fewer possessions - more freedom!

Challenge yourself and start this amazing journey! Or join me in mine!

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Unknown said...

I hate clutter and I like to clean.

Laura said...

Me too! Not that I like it, but I need everything to be organized and neat in my place.