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Casablanca to go. 5 places to visit in 1 day

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You probably already know that Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco and one of the biggest in  Maghreb region and all Africa. It is bordering the Atlantic Ocean and has a huge port and the population about  6 million people according to the official census (2016) but unofficially the population is almost twice bigger - about 10 million people. Quite impressive, right? That is why Casablanca is one of  "must to visit" places when you are travelling or living in Morocco.
   Before moving here, I visited the city once. And only for one day! So I propose you guys to check these 5 places if you're coming to Casa ( this is a local informal name for Casablanca)  only for 1 day or if you're limited in time. They are located not far from each other, easy to reach by private or public transport and they are well-known. Let's go.

   Located just 3 minutes away from Gare Casa Port train station and 1 minute away from Station Place des Nations Unies ( tram station) Medina of Casablanca will be the first to reach on my list. 
Unfortunately, it is not as beautiful as medinas of other Moroccan touristic cities. There are not so many things interesting in terms of architecture or style, even though you can walk around and check them but what makes it worth visiting is a great opportunity to buy natural organic cosmetics and leather goods much cheaper than in other places ( do not forget to bargain as well). Nice little shops with silver and gold jewelry, tiny kiosks with all kinds of argan oil products and pure argan oil itself (what can we use it for you can read "here", beldi soap and famous kesa glove for hammam, henna,  ghassoul and everything you need for your healthy and natural beauty routine.

If you are ready to walk on foot to our next destination throughout Medina, do not hesitate to ask the locals for guidance as the streets together form an intricate labyrinth which might soak you for hours of walking without reaching the target. If you are all right with a path it takes you about 30mins to reach The great mosque Hassan 2. Or you can simply catch a taxi which will depart you to the place in 5 minutes and 15 MAD ( 1,5 EUROS).

   So here you are - next to the biggest mosque in Morocco and the 13th largest in the world. Its minaret is the highest in the world as well!  Located at the Atlantic ocean coast and named after Moroccan King Hassan 2, the mosque is an enormous gigantic building with a huge square next to it and mesmerizing views! The walls, the windows, the doors are nothing less than a piece of art. Made in the best traditions of the Islamic architecture with Moroccan traditional elements this mosque became a visit card of Casablanca and Morocco in general. So take your time and have a tour around it, on the ground floor there is a possibility to have a professional guide who would share the story of how, why and when the mosque was made. Even though it is the only one mosque in Morocco which allows  Non-Muslims to go inside during no praying time, Please, be aware that Non-Muslims and women cannot enter some particular parts of the mosque ( the rugs for praying).

Some pictures I made 

And one more with me))

   Right in front of it, there is a nice park with a traditional Moroccan architecture which makes a good place for taking pictures as well. Here is mine :

   And again you have a choice - go on foot straight ahead about 25 minutes and enjoy the ocean view or take a taxi, pay 15MAD ( 1,5 EUROS) and in less than 5 minutes you are here.  

   It is time for lunch or coffee break. In Anfa Place Shopping Centre you can have one: there are plenties of fast food restaurants on the third floor of the centre and more expensive places closer to the beach.  If you like shopping you can check H&M, Marks &Spencer or Virgin stores. But I added this place because it has an absolutely gorgeous beach - it is public but secured, clean and neat. One of my favourite places in Casablanca - you can swim or just rest on the warm sand watching the ocean and listening to the waves. It is fantastic. Plus a great opportunity to take some pictures again, hhh. 

   Still not tired? Then take a look at the other side of the shopping centre, the one which is opposite to the beach there is a Saudi Arabian Mosque of an unspeakable beauty with a nice little square to rest in. After that, all you need is 1,5 EUROS or 15 MAD to get to Sindibad Park ( there is still an option to walk about 30-35 mins on foot ).

   It is time for fun. You can check their official site to know the prices and promotions. Here it is www.  A very nice place with a lot of attractions and a beautiful pretty park and a zoo.  What makes it special - you have an opportunity to see white tigers, lions, giraffes and many other species. An absolute must!

   And our last destination for 1 day is 

   Another shopping mall with a lot of places to eat, drink and buy. And in the centre of it is our target - aquarium where paying just a little money you can go inside. A kind of a glass room will allow you to step inside of the fish world and to enjoy their pure beauty. A great chance to rest and relax. 

   Be fond of your day in Casablanca and welcome! Marhaban!
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Nor-alala said...

I could not agree less with your article! The old medina is beautiful and very interesting! It is from the 20th century, that's why it is not the same style as the ones in Marrakech or Fes which are much older. I advise you to contact the organization Casamémoire, they organize guided tours of the old medina and also other neighbourhoods of the city. Also, I wouldn't advise people to buy stuff in the old medina because it is a very touristic area so it is super pricey, even if you bargain !

Lastly I find it very sad to recommand to go to the mall. I mean, if one has only one day in Casablanca, no need to go to the mall, it isn't very authentic! Why not go to Habous, Sidi Abderrahmane, have a tour in the art deco centre-ville, etc., etc. The city has so much to offer !!

Laura said...

We all are different and have different tastes and this list is according to mine. And it is great that you have a different one! Medina of Casablanca is not beautiful for me, because I have seen the other cities in Morocco and this one is nothing like medinas of Rabat, Marrakesh, Fes, Meknes, Essaouira etc. Thank you for the kind advice to take a tour with an agency but I live here among my Moroccan family and friends who are my guides:) I advice to buy only argan and leather which is much cheaper than in other touristic Moroccan cities while Mall is just a place where aquarium is, which is my target! The places I choose are located pretty close to each other and easy to reach, who wants to get stuck in a traffic jam in Maarif for hours, while trying to reach Centre ville? Thanks for reading and comments!