In My Morocco On minimalism

Minimalist Villager-why did I quit a city life

Sooner or later we all come to the point where personal peace and comfort become a goal! My turning point was 2 years ago when after being a perfect consumer of unnecessary and expensive things, I did not actually need or even really wanted,  I switched to minimalism and started decluttering my home, thus my mind.

It really helped me a lot in terms of sorting out what my goals are and which choices should I make to reach them, or try to do so. And I was trying...These two years - moving the cities and houses, changing schools for my daughter and jobs for myself, finding the apartment of my dreams and running from it after all, because of unbearable neighbors and constant noise were leading me to something absolutely unimaginable for a city-dwelling person...I decided to move to a village - far away place in a country that once adopted me, Morocco, to a place hidden in the mountains, a pure beauty of nature, calmness, and air, ahh this air ( I believe it is a gift for my daughter who has asthma).

Being so close to nature allows me to concentrate more on sustainability and minimalism. Who needs those fancy things in a village anyway?

I love it here because of the simplicity of life because everything seems to be clear and right because I have three sheep and some chickens because I can lay on the roof and see the stars because it seems like the most beautiful things are the simplest ones...

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