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Minimalist uniform on an everyday basis.

What would you say if you were proposed to wear the same thing (things) on an everyday basis? The same items of the same colours with the same accessories...It might sound boring for regular consumers, it might sound like a dream for those who are new in a minimalism movement , well actually it is a reality for me and the other minimalists.
   After getting rid of extras and sticking to the most useful items ( minimalist wardrobe) many of us find clothes purged and well organized, just like our minds, because minimalism is not about clothes, but about mind from the first place. There isn't a spesific number of things you have to own, everyone decides for oneself, what matters is how can you combine everything together, because saying "uniform" I mean the same stile and the same colours of your items.
   Basics are always the same-tops, bottoms and shoes which we should be able to mix and combine with each other. The best thing is to have them in white, grey and white colours with different shades of those colours. Accessorises might bring some freshness to your look if you feel you need it.
  One extra word about accessories, - I prefer natural materials( silver in my case) and a watch.

  Going out is not a problem when you wear a minimalist uniform because as we all know classic black dress and classic costume are suitable everywhere and anytime. Usually they are the parts of a uniform as well.
 And what do you think about minimalist wardrobe? What is your uniform? Please let me know in a comment section.

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