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Minimalism and the relationships

 Being a minimalist for me means to be fully organized. Not only in your everyday tasks, but in your relationships with the others too. Unfortunately, this matter is not being taught in school, neither at home ( at least, I've never met a person, whose parents-grandparents-sisters-brothers-etc were able to explain how to build a relationship. Maximum what we can get is a long lecture about sexuality). We, especially women, believe that the others, particularly our men, have to understand our needs, wishes, and expectations after our single glance, hint or smile.
  Definitely, it does not work! It took me many years and a really hard work on my inner clutter to understand that the clearer and more transparent with our partner we are, the more effective and fruitful our relationship can be. 
  Being with someone is much harder than being alone. Stay in the same relationship for many years, having children, keep loving and respecting each other is truly one of the hardest tasks we would ever have, and since none taught us how to deal with it, the whole thing becomes a real challenge! 
  As I mentioned above, minimalism is about being organized, being clear with oneself and the other half, being able to express one's wishes and being able to take responsibility. Reading a lot of psychological literature, studying it and applying its principals in my own family made me come to the conclusions that:

  • being honest with myself and with my partner;
  • understand my needs and desires;
  • respect my own needs and desires and the needs and desires of my partner;
  • do not have a false expectation about my partner;
  • being realistic;
  • ARTICULATE my questions, desires, problems ( and this is the hardest part for women);
  • being grateful
can make your marriage much easier and smooth. Because being a minimalist does not mean to be dry and tough, it means to be clear, to use language, not hints and winks to communicate with the other half and try to discuss the problem when it just appears, in order not to keep negative emotions.

Minimalism is freedom!

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Unknown said...

Hi there! I am a minimalist myself. I guess it comes with age. As I advance in age, I've learned to hate clutter. I love more space, and that means having as few things as possible.

Unknown said...

Interesting point of view:) I consider myself a minimalist as well and it feels good what you wrote:)