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Moroccan ghassoul (clay) in zero waste beauty routine

When I decided to get rid of chemical and all kinds of advertised but-never-worked-for-me face, hair and body care products, I started my experiments with natural cosmetics! They were limited a lot by my dry and super sensitive skin. So before applying something on my face or hair, I had to learn about possible and expected effects after the procedure. But anyhow I had a great variety of natural products to deal with only because I live in Morocco - a country of argan oil and ghassoul - the best things ever for your self-care if you are a natural cosmetics lover or a minimalist ( or both like me) or going a zero waste!
            So here I will talk about Moroccan Ghassoul (or Rhassoul) and its great benefits for skin and hair. It is also known by names Moroccan Clay of Moroccan Red Clay and is sourced from Atlas Mountains range, formed by volcanic activity and geothermal changes combination. An absolutely natural organic product which nourishes your skin and scalp. It is known by Nothern Africa's women for centuries, it's widely used for spa procedures in Moroccan and Turkish hammams ( traditional bath/sauna) and as an extra beneficial component of different mass-market beauty products ( creams, soap bars, and shampoos). By the way, these kinds of products are advertised and not cheap at all even though pure ghassoul costs literally nothing.


   Face cleaning. Just mix a tea spoon of clay with some water to get a smooth paste, apply it gently on your face while massaging it! Wash with water! Dead cells and dirt are gone! Enjoy the softness! 
   Face mask. Everything is the same, but leave ghassoul on your face to dry usually it takes 20 minutes ( it works wonders if instead of water you will use a rose water). Wash it gently with water. As I mentioned before, my skin is dry, so every contact with water makes it very tight, so I need some hydration - my rose water is always with me! 
  Body scrub. If you use a bigger portion of Ghassoul, mix it with more water and apply it on your body, gently massaging it, you'll get rid of dead cells and help your blood circulation! 
  Shampoo. And this is my favorite ghassoul usage! Because it is the most effective and natural way to clean my nasty hair ( oily roots, dry ends). I mix clay and water, making it not as thick as for face mask, or regular shampoo, 2 soup spoons of it with 50 ml of water work great! So when my hair is wet, I use this paste, massage my skin, leave it for 2 minutes and wash away! If you have time ( I do not have it) leave the paste on your hair to dry and wash after! 
  Hair mask. If you like me have no time to leave the paste on your hair to dry on the regular basis, try to do it once a week! Great benefits are guaranteed!

This is my shampoo


Appropriate for sensitive skin (and highly recommended );
Reduces dryness;
Improves skin firmness;
Cleans pores;
Nourishes skin;
Treats acne;
Detoxifies skin;
Soothes scalp problems - psoriasis, dandruff. 
So it is likely one product could be used for face, hair, and body - natural, waste free way to take care of yourself and environment. 


   In Moroccan souk (market). This is the best way if you're going zero waste! Because you are able to find the huge bags full of it (the pieces not the powder) and buy as much as you want! Which is great, no plastic, no garbage, just pure dirt!!! You can keep it a cotton bag or a glass jar after.

Plus, there are a lot of already packed 100g, 250g. bags or boxes. A lot of companies propose their products so it shouldn't be a problem to find and purchase it! But I would recommend to find a local Moroccan community in your city and buy from them - the chances to get a natural and valuable product are much higher! 
  Use natural cosmetics and be happy with your results! 
  Salam alaykum!

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Shannon- You, Me & DC said...

Love this! I have recently started looking for natural beauty and skin products too so this is quite timely! Thank you!!

MizCheryl said...

I've been wanting to try rhassoul/ghassoul clay for a long time. You have some great tips on how to use them! Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

I never knew you could use clay on your hair. :) I'll see how that works out for me.