Creating a minimalist zero waste wardrobe

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All you need or will need for the next year is already there in your wardrobe. This rule works in 99,9 cases. But except items you really need and use, there might be tons of clutter, unused pretty things or unused ugly stuff which you have no idea how and why came into your life. Probably you are too sentimental to get rid of them immediately or you postpone this decision for years.
To organize my minimalist zero waste wardrobe I needed 1 hour! And a DECISION that I want and need changes in my life! Something you do not wear for more than 6 months - in a box; something too small or too big - in a box; something that reminds you of something or someone - take a picture of it a box! (Here I have an exception- I kept a costume of my daughter, she was baptized in. I have no exceptions for myself). It is up to you what to do with this box - either donate it or sell everything. Just do it as soon as possible! Great feeling! Freedom!
Zero waste lifestyle is simply and logically connected to minimalism. Because once you get rid of clutter in your closet and your head ( what is inner clutter you can read here) you won't want to be a regular consumer anymore. And this is what zero waste movement and minimalism are about - stop consuming, be satisfied with what you already have, and own only things you really need!
Minimalism is freedom! 
Zero waste is a beauty of life!
A dress is a present, a shirt is from SALE, a necklace SECOND HAND 
TopShop coat and Nike shoes all SECOND-HAND 

I banned shopping for a year ( about it read here) but before doing it I used to buy ONLY on SALE or SECOND-HAND items! First of all, I couldn't force myself to pay huge amounts for clothes which I liked, but which is just pieces of tailored fabric in my mind so I was waiting for sales and used to buy my desirable things 2, 3 and sometimes even 4 times cheaper; second-hand clothes are great, not only because they are much-much cheaper, but because it is a very logical choice for me - it is always a win-win cooperation, I help you to get rid of your clutter, you help me with my needs! After I use clothes and do not need them anymore - I donate or use them for house cleaning. 
Talking about lingerie - I buy it on sale.

Zara SECOND HAND ( absolutely new) shoes

When you understand and realize that consuming is a clutter itself, you will not return to it! Because after experiencing complete freedom of minimalism and pure beauty of a zero waste lifestyle, you will become a different person! Checked!
Minimalism is freedom!

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Unknown said...

These are some helpful tips! I love getting rid of clutter and I definitely need to consider doing this. My closet is full of stuff I haven't worn in at least a year.

Unknown said...

"Consuming is a clutter itself." Love that because it is so true! As I continue to declutter and work towards a more minimal lifestyle, I realize that my old habits, and behaviors in relation to clothes, shoes, food, and consumption, in general, was so unhealthy and unsustainable (for the planet, my sanity and my bank account). Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I totally need to de-clutter - I think it does make such a difference to your state of mind too x

Talat said...

Loved this post. I really think of people who believe and practice in zero waste as super humans. But, I am a staunch believer in minimalism.

Unknown said...

Hello, my name is Jennifer. What a great article. I have only been blogging for a month, but I have learned a lot about computers in that short time. Any suggestions about my website or content would be greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

Great advice

Raining Crafts & Dogs said...

I love this article! I need to get better about this, particularly with impulse purchases.