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The Solidarity Market

If you will be passing by la gare Oasis train station in Casablanca, slow down a bit, right in front of it you'll see a new wonderful place which is called Le Marche Solidaire-The Solidarity Market.
 Two floors of original Moroccan food, tea, herbs and cosmetics.
Even though Argan oil and cactus oil are a bit more expensive than in Carrefour or Marjaine, only Natural Cosmetics maniacs like me will know about that. Famous Amazigh (Berber) blankets and rugs, handmade caftans and a lot of handcrafts!
I am promoting this place just like it's mine. Well, it is not. Unfortunately. But as I love natural food and authentic stuff, I'm sure I found MY place in the city. Plus buying local we support Moroccan economy!
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