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"The Danish Girl" and me. A short instruction on femininity.

   Some weeks ago at the end of June I had some free time and free wi fi so I took a chance and watched a movie "The Danish Girl". It is a story about Danish artist Einer Wegener, who was identifying himself as a woman. So he started wearing women's clothes, accessories and called himself Lily.
   At some moment, while watching the movie, I asked myself:"How on Earth this man, who thinks he's a woman inside looks more feminine than me?". We are not talking about acting of an artist in the film, which is great,of course, but about the general feeling of femininity through the film, which made me think on these questions:
  What does it mean to be a woman? And does femininity come automatically?
  I am sure it doesn't. And I am sure we all have different image of womanliness itself. But definitely there are a few basic things which will characterize every woman, here they are:
 You are comfortable with yourself and your body;
 You are filled with piece. This inner piece which attracts the others ( you know this kind of people the other always want to talk to);
 You take care of yourself both physically and psychologically;
 You know your values;
 You have a Dream or  Dreams and follow them;
 You are not trying to fit someone else's expectations;
 You are creative;
 You probably like some form of an Art because you are a masterpiece yourself.

I strongly believe that environments effects your inner femininity a lot and to make it stronger we all should  try to surround ourselves with beautiful things and activities -  painting, dancing, reading. And it doesn't mean we have to be week, being more feminine, and it doesn't matter if we have a man next to us or no ( NB I think nothing boosts our womanliness as much as a right man  ), because we are coming to the origins of being and we are becoming someone we always meant to be - women.

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Silvia said...

Aww, I loved that last bit! I believe it's beautiful to witness how much diversity there is among women, and how every single woman is a "real woman" regardless of her physique, qualities and abilities.

Laura said...

You see, only after 30, I started treating myself like a woman, not a girl or a female but a woman! And it feels great!