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Purge your inner clutter

   I believe that sooner or later each of us comes to the point of understanding that there is something to be changed in this life! We start searching and reading, we are trying this and that until we reach the concept of minimalism. The simplicity and beauty of the idea of life without clutter overcomes most of us. We start cleaning, throwing the garbage and giving the clothes we do not need anymore to the charity funds. Our home is neat but our mind is the same. Intoxicated with "extras".
   No need to say that there is an obvious connection between our environment and our mind, and when we start decluttering homes it organizes our mind in a very simple but effective way. But what if we will try to purge our mind first or at least do it while tidying up the house?

                                                     And by "purge" I mean these:

  • Negative thoughts - the cause of distraction and pessimism. Revising over and over negative experience or what even worse projecting it in the future can create a very miserable reality! Let's try to get rid of them! 
  • False unrealistic expectations - let's listen to the classic: "Expectation is the root of all heartache." - Shakespeare. One more thing which takes us far from the pure reality, because we might expect something from the person who is not ready to give us this or to fulfill our desires. It doesn't mean we should lock up in a shell and don't trust anyone, what I'm trying to say is that our expectations have to be realistic. After all, we can simply talk to a person and ask about what we need or want. No unrealistic expectations - to disappointment. 
  • Stereotypes. Yes, theses ancient monsters are alive and in a good health. I always wonder, how is it even possible that in the 21st century when people are flying to space and know practically everything about our planet and humanity this term even exist. But it does. The most modern and educated, the most democratic and open-minded are full of different stereotypes: about religion, age, gender, race, place, work, children etc. Are there still any stereotypes in your life? Get rid of them! 
  • Anger. The reason is not important, no matter what but it is only you who is responsible for yourself! It is unbelievably hard to control one's emotions, but it is possible. It might take many years of learning how to do it, but as long as we live we can learn. 
  • Fear. The happiness is impossible when there is a fear. The real purge is impossible when we are stuck with a fear. Challange yourself - do something that scares you, ask for a professional help, find your way of getting rid of it and do it!

  Minimalism means freedom! Freedom from external and inner clutter! Because when we purge our mind, decluttering of external space would be only a question of time! So be free at least!

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Healthy Lifestyle said...

If only it was all so simple. Getting rid of negative thought and anger would do 95 % of the job.

Laura said...

Yes, it is so true, I keep trying, sometimes I even succeed.

Amber-Rose said...

I love this. I am definetly a strong believer in minimalism. Love how you connect the want to have, and keep things with emptions, and expectations. Great read!

Ashley said...

A year ago we moved abroad and this caused us to only bring and buy things we needed. We live very minimally now (in the material sense) and we absolutely love it. There is something about it that's feels so clean and less stressful. I can imagine doing with same mentally is even more beneficial. Thanks for tips on how to do this. I will have to give it a try.

Unknown said...

This is the best self-care possible. It is so important to keep these things in mind. I do my best to practice them every day!

Laura said...

Just 15 minutes ago I was robbed by the ATM machine! It is a great time to purge my anger even though it is so hard.

Rosalie said...

I love the point about unrealistic expectations- it's something I've actually been working at myself a lot. I think so much can be accomplished with simple communication, but often we fall into the trap of thinking that the other person 'should' understand us without having to explain ourselves.

Laura said...

Yes, especially when it comes to a man-woman relationship! Now I simply tell my husband what I need or want from him - it simplifies our life a lot!

Brianna said...

Good reminder. I think we expend so much mental energy in things that don't matter and they are just weighing us down and holding us back!