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Minimalist beauty tips: Aleppo soap.


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One of the best decisions of my life was to stop using market/pharmaceutical ( even very expensive) cosmetics and stick to nature and what it can give us!

The most practical thing in my minimalist zero waste beauty routine is Aleppo soap! Purchased from Turkey ( after all these horrible things in Syria company moved there, even though it was functioning perfectly since 1975), Organic and Halal certified this soap bar is made of olive oil and laurel oil, which is responsible for the antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-itching power of the soap. 
It can be used for babies washing, face and body cleaning, as a face mask, as shaving cream, self-hygiene product and shampoo ( I use Moroccan Ghassoul for my hair wash, because after soap usage it is very soft and I prefer it to be a bit harsh  so you can read about it here) and instead of the toilet paper (wash with it).

I purchased Aleppo soap in a bag. So when I do not use it, I keep it there.

Aleppo soap is essential in minimalist zero waste beauty routine, It solves a lot of body/face care problems plus can be used for teeth cleaning and mouth hygiene! Naturally, beautifully and easy! 

How do I brush teeth with Aleppo soap?

Apply it on the wet toothbrush and clean your teeth for a minute or two. Thanks to laurel oil it kills all the bacterias and a bad smell.  As I have some gums problem ( bleeding) I use clove oil after.

Not only have I saved a lot of money by stopping buying and consuming chemical products, saved the space in my bathroom, but I got a great satisfaction with my natural care products. 

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Unknown said...

This is amazing, I love it! I think I would find it difficult swapping to just one product though!

Laura said...

Yeah, so true! that is why I use a rose water and argan oil after!

ZebraLips said...

Love it!! Xx

Unknown said...

I've never heard of this before. Sounds great. Could you get it in Australia?

Laura said...

Dear Fiona, I truly think you will find it in Australia because it is one of the basics of Green zero waste life style and I suppose there are local shops where you can purchase Aleppo soap or try Amazon. There are no Aleppo soap bars in Morocco ( at least I could not find them even though I was talking directly to some soap makers in different parts of the country) so I had to purchase it from abroad! But expenses and waiting time are definitely worth it!

Unknown said...

This looks great! i try to use only natural products as well. I'll have to try this one!

Unknown said...

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jaya said...

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Jobors said...

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Jones Morris said...

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Cengiz said...

would like to buy wholesale turkish soap. Is there a place you recommend? Natura is the most natural Turkish soap I've ever found. Do you think I should use as a wholesale Turkish soap?

HAUTEHER said...

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Mark said...

Have tried almost all of them. Best products so far:

1) A'llaurel ( Turkish Brand)
2) El- Tahn ( Syrian Brand)
3) Lorber ( Syrian Brand)